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You can make a positive difference in addressing a social problem of your choice. You can either stick to the social problem used in Assignment 1 or select a new one.

Search online and make a list of organizations that address your select social problem in the state or region you reside in.

Identify one agency or organization that seems most interesting to you and investigate it. You can refer to the written materials from the agency/organization or contact someone there to answer the proposed questions.

Write a short essay addressing the items below:

(1) Find a basic description of the organization: Where is it based, what is its mission, populations they serve, types of services provided, sources of funding, and so forth?

(2) Provide examples of how this organization has been successful in the past.

(3) What is one way you could get involved in working with the organization and its goals now? Could you raise money, raise awareness, volunteer, or the like?

(4) If you wanted to get a job with the organization in the future, what would you need to do to prepare? Would you need any specialized training? Would you need to go to graduate school?

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