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Amazon Web Services is one of the largest data storage providers for many large companies and government entities. So many
companies rely on Amazon Web Services to maintain upper echelon IT (Information Technology) security and keep their respective
companies safe from hackers and other technology-related issues.
The problem is that so many companies have their data stored on Amazon servers, leading to a probability for a vast disruption
pattern if these servers were ever taken offline due to cybersecurity issues or otherwise technological issues. Recently, there was a
massive outage, and it was said that Amazon servers crippled the internet as consumers could not access their personal information.
Since so many companies rely on these servers, if a server were to be attacked or simply go down, elements of the Internet
(Facebook, Netflix, Capital One, and even the Dept of State) would be inoperable. For example, if the servers housing DoS
information were attacked, then national security matters could be impacted. During the most recent outage, people’s Ring/Alexa’s
went offline, opening another opportunity for criminals to strike the vulnerable.
As the big kid on the block. Amazon being ingrained into people’s everyday lives, whether it be the Amazon Alexa devices or ecommerce, the ability to have a one-stop shop, or access to significant websites. When Amazon’s servers experience problems, the
world essentially grinds to a halt.
Deliverable #2: Project Proposal for Deliverable #1
After approval of the team’s idea, but prior to start working on your course project, the group must submit
a formal project proposal. Each group should submit one to two pages written project proposal. The
project proposal is a statement with one main objective, which is to convince the reader (in this case, me)
that the group has identified a plan to complete the identified project. A good and strong proposal has
detailed, but yet precise descriiption of the main purpose of the project. It is a well-organized plan and has
adequate depth of details to be a persuasive document. The project proposal is brief and concise
document intended to present a plan of action, outline the reasons why the action is necessary, and
convince the reader to agree with and approve the implementation of the actions recommended in the
body of the document. The proposals should include enough detail to convince the reader that the group
has found a good topic that it understands and has mapped out a plan for how to approach it.
The group task is to identify an issue, a problem, dilemma or a topic, present a plan of action, outlining
the group approach, address the implementation plan, and gain approval of the implementation plans
that are described in the proposal. The proposal should clearly state the focus of the group’s project. The
proposal should identify the objective and the purpose of the project. The proposal should explain the
problem, the issue you are trying to address or solve.
The following are sections you need to include in your proposal:
Background and significance of the project
Statement of the problem
Timeline and project plan – this should be this referring to your group’s plan/timeline to literally
complete final report. For example, you may put together a task list of the key milestones for
completing final report, with due dates and responsible parties assigned to each task.
Proposed implementation plan (only if applicable)– this should be your proposed implementation
plan for your real/hypothetical company’s implementation plan to resolve the IT-related business
problem identified by your group )
Deliverable #3: Completed Final Report for Deliverable #1 and # 2
You are writing this document/project for a review committee comprised of IS Professionals and user
representatives. In other words, you are not writing it for the instructor. Your role is to present your
project clearly and concisely so that the entire Review Committee will understand it.
Since a modern IS can be very complex, it is less likely that you will be able to cover an entire system.
Instead, you may want to choose some IS-related issue that you believe is important. For example, this
could be information technology (IT) used in the system (e.g., an email system can use different software
packages, some easier to use or richer in functionality than others; computer hardware can also be
problematic, such as a shortage of computer memory or weaknesses in functionality of some noncomputer hardware that is part of
your IS; another option could be that your system is not based on
computers and that you see this as a problem). Alternatively, you may want to focus more on
data/information (e.g., data maintained in certain files may be susceptible to random errors, or
information provided by an IS may be lacking relevance, accuracy or some other quality). The team is only

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