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Module 1: capstone
Paper details:
For your first milestone, carefully examine the capstone project requirements in the Module 8 Materials folder. Then select a topic and write two to four
paragraphs that describe the selection and what the final capstone project will entail. Your instructor will provide feedback on and approval of your topic.
Suggested Topics
When selecting a topic, try to narrow the topic as much as possible and research one specific area in depth. A generic topic such as “Databases on the
Internet” is much too broad and will not be acceptable. It is also recommended that you select a topic that aligns with your program specialization. Possible
topics include:
An Android chat application
A front-end to a database
A web-mapping application
A shopping cart for an on-line business
A video game involving two or more players
A scientific graphing calculator
A simulation of a dynamical system
An optimized routing system
A scheduling system
On-line testing system for multiple choice tests
Instead of these topics, you may wish to select a problem in your work environment that needs attention, is related to your major, and is of particular interest
to you. Many students choose such projects. One example is a process for remote collaboration in a geographically dispersed development team. The
project involved interviewing participants, evaluating and choosing tools, installing the tools and developing a process around them, and finally using the new
process on an ongoing project.

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