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1) Field Notes: You will write a comprehensive 3-4-page field note of your activity as an ethnographer. This excludes the reference page, if you decide to use
external source to support your discussion in the field notes. Field notes is a record of events that includes descriiptive details, questions, and general
engagement with the fieldwork. You can write your notes in first person but remember you are an ethnographer here so try to include as much of
anthropological perspective relying on social-cultural topics that you have learned in class. Field notes are like personal diary with details of the date, event,
social settings, etc. They usually don’t have a formal essay structure of introduction, body, conclusion. However, if that is the format you feel comfortable
with feel free to apply that. But this document is a space for your own personal creativity to shine.
https://www.scribbr.com/apa-style/format/ Please use APA format.
You can also find a guideline for field notes (pdf) here. How_to_write_Field_Notes.pdf How_to_write_Field_Notes.pdf – Alternative Formats
2) Family Recipe Interview: You will prepare separate document of an Interview Transcriipt (1 page long) and submit it with your field notes.
You will need to request one member of your family or a friend, who prepares a family recipe meal (dish or drink), for an interview. There is often a particular
dish that is prepared regularly in a family. Where did this come from? Whose recipe is it? Why is it important? What are the ingredients? What is the method?
How is it served? When is it made? Is this a written recipe, or made from memory? Interview a family member about the recipe and its significance. If
possible make the recipe yourself and reflect on the significance of this enculturation. Explore the importance of this recipe for you and your family, and
when you would eat it together. You will need to describe the family background, and briefly note the occasions when the recipe is used.
Example of Interview Transcriipt:

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