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4 page analysis of ethical aspects surrounding a decision of the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt to disseminate a plea for help for his COVID-19-stricken ship and write a communication detailing lessons learned from the incident.
You are contemplating going above your management team to bring something that you feel is being overlooked to the attention of those higher up, maybe even the press. The issue matters enough to you, and you feel your management either won’t or isn’t in a position to do something about it.
Hopefully, in your current work environment, you’re in a collaborative enough place that this kind of situation doesn’t come up. But it’s common in many different types of organizations, and it raises all kinds of questions, not just about ethics, but how you go about communicating, too.
Each assessment in this course introduces you to a different communications challenge. This assessment will help you better conceptualize the relationship between ethics and communication.
Experienced communications professionals know that credibility can be undermined if ethical norms aren’t recognized in communications. Honing your ability to navigate the complexities that often arise will prepare you to craft effective communications.
Captain Crozier, Commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, wrote and emailed a controversial letter that pleaded for help for crew members stricken by the Covid-19 virus in March of 2020. The communication was sent to several recipients and was eventually leaked to the news media. The situation became front-page news and was actively debated in the media. Senior leaders believed that Captain Crozier may have avoided his chain of command for fear that his immediate leader would suppress the issue and expose the sailors to unnecessary danger. His decisions and actions that lead up to his writing the letter are fraught with ethical dilemmas.
In this assessment, you are asked to analyze the ethical aspects surrounding Captain Crozier’s decision to widely disseminate the emailed letter.
Explore the interactive media piece Communication, Ethics, and Command Decision.
Consider the Captain’s decision to send the letter, the manner in which the letter was sent, and the recipients of the letter. Complete both parts of this assessment in a single Word document.

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