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The What: Analytical/Argumentative Essay
Write a concise essay on the following prompt:
Analyzing a character is a good way to understand his/her interactions with others as well as argue about the how these interactions shape them.

Patricia McCormick states that after reading the novel if you are depressed and sad then she has not done her job. Her novel was written for people to get angry, as a sort of call to action. She does this by showing the development of Lakshmi through her childhood in 1 year. Analyze the development of Lakshmi from her village to Happiness House and argue how her environments shaped who she ultimately became.

The novel to use:

The Why: Remember that this is an analytical and argumentative essay. You must provide clear discussion of the three environments and argue how Lakshmi developed in each as well as evaluating how they shaped her. You must use quotes from the novel to help show your evaluation. You should NOT use outside sources and rely solely on the novel for your quotes.
The How: Proper MLA format including in-text citations and works cited page. You must include a proper Work Cited page. You must utilize proper citations for all of your quotes. Each paragraph must have 3 quotes from the novel.

What you will be graded on:
1. Includes an original title that hooks the reader’s interest.
2. Includes an engaging introduction that successfully guides the reader to the thesis.
3. Includes a clear, concise thesis statement that reflects the essay’s purpose and is effectively supported throughout the essay.
4. Includes reasoning and rationale that supports the description of the paper.
5. Reflects organization of thoughts.
6. Includes a strong conclusion that effectively restates the thesis using original wording.
7. Follows the conventions of written English (i.e. free of repetitive grammatical errors)
8. Effectively uses transitions to connect ideas.

Grade Breakdown:
Final Draft: 100 points

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