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You are a store manager at Rapid Clothing, a retail clothing store. Recently, your morning shift supervisor, came to you privately to share details about a conflict between two co-workers. One of the two employees was complaining amongst the whole team about a recent company change regarding creating non-gender specific employee bathrooms in all retail locations. This impacts that employee firsthand because they work with a co-worker who had previously identified as male, but recently shared with the team that they are transgender and will now identify as a woman. The first employee does not feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with someone she has always known as male and has verbally shared that information with the transgender employee and the whole team in a public setting, creating an uncomfortable and volatile environment. Write key talking points for the conversation that you are going to have specifically with each of the two employees. In addition, how would you address the team as a whole? Explain your reasoning for your discussion points and how you think this conversation will help resolve the conflict and create a more diverse and inclusive team environment.

You will need to include all of the following in your conflict resolution talking points for upcoming meeting:

A bulleted list of talking points for the employee that identifies as transgender.
A bulleted list of talking points for the employee who complained about the organization’s bathroom policy change.
A bulleted list of talking points for the whole team to help neutralize the volatility some of the employees may have.
Be sure to include these items in your talking points:
How you think the dialogue will help resolve the conflict.
The reasoning for the talking points.
The importance of diversity and inclusion.

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