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2.1) You work for a big Australian winemaker with sites in different Australian states. The company
operates different types of sites: Vineyards (that can be grouped into areas), bottling plants, and
warehouses. The warehouses are always located in cities while the other two types are located in
rural areas. The company is now designing a DW and has put you in charge of the Site dimension.
Different attributes are relevant for the different kinds of sites. Sketch a design for the dimension
(you do not have to list all attributes – just assume/show some relevant attributes).
If details are missing in the text, you can make your own assumptions. Please list the assumptions
in your solution.
2.2) You are designing a data warehouse to keep track of employees’ time usage. There should be
snapshot facts with the granularity of one fact per employee per project per week (or finer).
a. We must track the time spent on internal meetings, meetings with customers, reporting,
research & development, and any other business. Unfortunately, the different managers
cannot agree about which time unit to use. One wants to see all numbers in person months
(1 PM = 135 hours); another wants to see all numbers in days (1 day = 7.5 hours); and a
third wants to see all numbers in hours. How do you recommend handling this?
b. The salary costs for the different activities should also be considered. The company is headquartered in Denmark, but does also have offices and employees in Norway and Sweden.
How do you recommend handling this?
c. Sketch the fact table(s) you suggest the company to use.
Please list any assumptions you make.
2.3) We travel in time to year 2024 and realize that Denmark soon will start using euros. You are in
charge of the data warehouse for a small company that sells stuff and until now only has used
Danish kroner. Which SCM type do you recommend to use? Why? List any assumptions you make.
2.4) Sketch a (simple) data vault design for a software company where registered users can rent online
access to applications for a varying number of days. List any assumptions you make.

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