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1). Find an aviation weather-related paper topic that you find interesting. This is to be a research paper that follows APA format, not an opinion paper. The following are the three areas that need to be addressed: 1) Discussion of weather phenomenon, 2). Related accident and/or incidents, and 3). Types of weather avoidance, weather charts available, etc. The specifics of the paper is on D2L labeled “paper specifics”.

2). For APA help, I have posted some helpful information on D2L.

3). Once you have determined your paper topic, look for research in this area. Go to the library website and browse through online journals, magazines, books, etc. Do not use obscure websites, pilot forums, and other unreliable sources. I advise saving any articles you find to your flash drive or your email, dropbox account, etc. I find using Google scholar and then going to the library website and finding the article with the journal locater is very helpful. If you are not familiar with the library website, there are several useful tools and guides to help you. Take the initiative and learn how to navigate the site and find research. For the airplane accident/incident research, go to www.ntsb.gov and click on the aviation accident database link.

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