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Read Chapters in book attachment

What are your thoughts about becoming a counselor or a helper?
What was confirmed or affirming for you about wanting to become a counselor/helper?
What was different or surprising about what you learned in class that you didn’t realize about becoming a counselor/helper?
What type of counseling/helping work would you like to pursue?

  1. Journal Reflections (10 points each x 3)
    • See due dates on Weekly Planner. All journals are due by 4 p.m. on Canvas.

The purpose of reflective writing is to provide a medium for exploring personal and professional
growth. Journal entries should be between 500-700 words in length and demonstrate an ability
to articulate concepts from the course readings and class discussions with cultural sensitivity
and personal insight. Grading for this assignment will take into the consideration the quality
and depth of your reflections, point deductions will be made for insufficient development of
ideas, lack of clarity, typos, grammar, and length. Journal topics will be posted on Canvas in
advance of the due dates. APA-format required (title page, header, Times New Roman, 12-
point, reference list)

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