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• You could look at the Site content | All Pages report and or Content Drilldown report.
Which pages are driving the most traffic? Which pages are will users spend more versus
less time on a specific page? Which pages have the highest number of entrances? Highest
or lowest bounce rate? Highest or lowest exit percentage?

• Look at the Landing Pages and Exit Pages reports. This would be an excellent report to
use to identify specific pages that may have an extremely high or low bounce rate, as well
as other metrics of interest.

• Look at the Site Speed overview report and other related Site Speed reports. Do you
notice any browsers that have a higher versus lower average page load time? Can you
identify specific pages, using the comparison tool, to identify certain pages that may take
a lot longer to load? If so, this may be worth a brief write up. Go to that specific webpage
in a browser and view the content on the page. Are there extremely large pictures or other
things that may be causing the page to load slowly? If so, you could present a
recommendation to compress any large files on a slow loading page. Things like this
improve the end-user experience, which can cause users to stay longer on site, view more
content on the site, and other positive outcomes.

• You can use the Site Search reports to identify if users ever type certain search words into
the search engine on your client’s site. If so, consider summarizing what you find.

• Look at the Events reports: is your client defining any events in Google Analytics? If so,
examine some of what you see and summarize it. If not, consider a brief write up
discussing what an event is in Google Analytics and why the client should consider
implementing certain events. If you do this, consider the type of site you are working
with. Talk with your teammates to discuss potential events that may be of interest for
this type of site. Summarize your recommendations in a brief paragraph.

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