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6.1: Summarize “The Subtle Stuff” discussed in Ch. 8 of the Florence text
(pp. 291-300).

6.2: Explain the various workplace gray areas that must be addressed
(Florence, pp. 300-301),

6.3: What is the significance of dress codes (Florence, pp. 300-301)?

6.4: Discuss the defining issues differentiating the Anita Hill Case from
the Paula Jones Case (Florence, pp. 302-305).

6.5: Describe the origins of stereotyping (Florence, pp. 305-306). How might
an organization reduce this type of behavior?

6.6: Evaluate the role of culture and religion in stereotyping based on gender
specific behavior (Florence, pp. 306-307).

6.7: Discuss the difference between the legal and practical views of sexual
harassment as a form of discrimination (Florence, pp. 308-316).

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