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After reading the article, write a review of the article by synthesizing and summarizing its key points.
In section A, focus on the four values, 12 principles, advantages and challenges. In Section B, give your critical thinking on the four evidences by writing ADNOC organizational experience.
Evidence for Practice

  1. Agile is antithetical to traditional hierarchical/bureaucratic line organizations.
  2. Agile requires a new form of self-selected, team-based organizational structures; it also requires leadership that serves such teams (e.g. servant leadership).
  3. Agile flourishes in innovation-oriented organizational cultures.
  4. Agile requires new, flexible forms of contracting and procurement.

For section B, find below my findings, please edit and paraphrase and you can write more points

ADNOC announced its intention to consolidate its offshore exploration operations by integrating the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA OPCO) and Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) into a new single company. The consolidation is expected to yield significant financial and operational benefits. The new company resulting from this integration will be more agile, better able to respond to changing market demands, and well positioned to take advantage of strategic opportunities for future growth.

  1. Agile flourishes organizational cultures. ADNOC uses both CO2 and gas injection innovation-oriented in EOR to extend the lifespan of maturing oilfields and increase their productivity. The integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program initiative aims to drive efficiencies across ADNOC Group operations by unifying the digital experience and common business processes within: Health, Safety & Environment, Human Capital Management, Finance, Procurement, Enterprise Management, Sales, Supply Asset and Distribution and Production Planning and Quality Management
  2. Agile requires new, flexible forms of contracting and procurement.
    ADNOC has unlocked $2 billion (AED7.36 billion) in cost savings over the past five years by leveraging advanced technologies, digitization and integrated drilling services (IDS) to enhance drilling operations. ADNOC had completed the first phase of its large scale multi-year predictive maintenance project to maximize asset efficiency and integrity across its upstream and downstream operations. The predictive maintenance project is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning and digital twins to deliver maintenance savings of up to 20%

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