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The purpose of this discussion is to explore the business plan. A business plan is a written document that describes in detail a proposed program, project, or service. The depth and complexity of the business plan will vary by the project. For projects with large capital investments, a thorough business plan is crucial. DNP-prepared nurses are often required to submit a business plan to gain approval for any proposed change in staffing, to obtain new equipment, or develop a new program. Our discussion this week allows us to look at a business plan.

1- Reflect upon your readings and personal or professional experience regarding business plans and address the following:

Examine why it is essential for you to be able to present a solid business plan when meeting with stakeholders regarding your DNP project.

2- You completed Fiscal Analysis and Project Management. You have gained important skills in project management and financial planning to foster outcome improvement and lead healthcare reform. Through your advanced knowledge and skills, you are prepared to serve as an agent of change, analyzing the practice, quality, and cost aspects of an organization.

Reflect on that and provide samples on how it will impact your future practice as a DNP.

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