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When the Titanic struck the iceberg, the weather was bad

When the Titanic struck the iceberg, the weather was bad, the lookouts were not properly equipped, the radio operator was not monitoring other ship traffic or communication in the area, they were traveling at a very high speed, and the ship design had a flaw in the...

ANA Standards Article Commentary

Review the ANA Standards document under the Class Resources tab. Focus on the Standards of Professional Performance.Choose one of the 11 standards that captures your attention.Search for a relevant journal article which explains or discusses the importance of this...

Individuals who view punishment

There are many individuals who view punishment (both positive and negative) as a necessary teaching method. This can vary from one culture to another as well as from one individual to the next. What are your views on using punishment in order to reduce unwanted...


In what types of situations is individual decision-making preferable to group decision-making? When is group decision-making more effective than individual decision-making? In large groups, there are many common traps that the group could fall into if it wasn’t...
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