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Juvenile Corrections

  Identify and discuss three of the seven core values characteristic of restorative justice. Which of these do you think will have the greatest impact in changing the behavior of the juvenile delinquent?  

Implementing artificial intelligence to increase sales

  You work for a retail company that is looking to implement artificial intelligence to increase sales as a recent business performance management review showed a decrease in overall sales. The company wants to use data collected on consumer buying habits and use...

Use of CRISPR to edit the genome of farm animals and pets

    Identify the ethical philosophy you will be using to explore the ethics of this topic. 3-4 sentences on the specific ethical issues created by researching this topic. An outline, bullet points, not full paragraphs don’t write the paper! Give a framework...

Virgin Soil epidemic

    What is a Virgin Soil epidemic? How was it related to domestic animals? Why did Native Americas experience a virgin soil epidemic?    

Plantation tenancy (or sharecropping)

  Why did a system of plantation tenancy (or sharecropping) emerge in the South after the Civil War? [In answering, take into account both the significance of racism and the economic conditions to which both planters and African American workers were subject.]...
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