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Language compatibility

M.S. Psychology: One of the most important steps a program evaluator must take is to select appropriate assessment instruments. Discuss issues that should be considered when choosing assessment instruments for each of your programs. You do not need to select the...

A popular English-language magazine

A popular English-language magazine has invited readers to send in letters sharing arecent experience of a surprise encounter with a person they once knew. You decideto send in a letter in which you briefly describe the situation and how you have bothchanged, then...

Personal story

Choose a topic that enables you to tell a short, interesting personal story. Your story can be funny, suspenseful, meaningful, or exciting, but it must focus on one event. Below your completed narrative, include answers to all of the following reflection questions:...

Ghosts of Amistad

Based on your viewing of Ghosts of Amistad: In the Footsteps of the Rebels (week 8), why does historian Marcus Rediker and his team of researchers travel to Sierra Leone in order to “restore the essential African side” of the Amistad Rebellion? How does their journey...

A significant literacy event or development in your life

“Please write a short narration (one page) recounting a significant literacy event or development in your life. In the broadest sense, this assignment asks you to reflect in some way on the roles that reading, writing, and community have played in your...
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