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Research Proposal for a qualitative study

    Referring to the area of interest you researched for Assessment 1, write a Research Proposal for a qualitative study on a particular aspect of this topic. Integrate the feedback provided in the first assessment to refine the literature search in support...

Action Research

  Suppose that you have taught an introductory counseling skills course at a community college for several years. The high proportion of students who drop out before the end of each term is, in your view, an important problem that you need to address. You have...

Research methods article summaries

  3 Article Summaries For each summary, please include the article title and authors and then a brief, one paragraph summary. The write up should include a sentence or two describing the study’s purpose, a description of the methods they used and then a few...

Clinical research

    Write a comprehensive review of a specific population group that has a specific health problem. It includes a needs assessment, data, evidence-based interventions, measurable goals and outcomes, collaboration with a care service agency/organization, and...

Research Design

      How does a research study design relate to the results? This question should guide you during and after this week. Specific types of designs have strengths and weaknesses regarding relationships between variables. The type of design can affect...

Social work research and the scientific method

      Reflect on how much you have learned about social work research and the scientific method. What impact will you make on clients in social work practice now that you understand how research can improve the lives of clients? Recall these research...
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