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    Within a single religious tradition: Scholars such as Gerrie ter Haar and R. Scott Appleby emphasize what they refer to as the “ambiguous” or “ambivalent” role of religion in conflict situations. Adherents of the same religion, they observe, may...

Religious peacemaker profile

    Identify a prominent religious peacemaker within a religious tradition that is not your own (at a minimum, from a different denomination of your religion) and with which you do not feel deeply familiar (but which has received some coverage in this...

Philippians 3:1-3

  How does commitment affect organizational development? How do the verses in Philippians 3:1-3 support the leadership perspective of this week’s reading? Based on your reading and your personal experience, what do you think are the most effective ways of...

Luther’s Testimony

    Write a 400-500-word essay on the nature of the history of Luther’s famous quote, “Here I stand,” before the Diet of Worms. Read the account of Luther’s testimony before the Diet of Worms here (Links to an external site.). Focus...

Adlerian teleology and Christian counselling

    Adlerian teleology and Christian counselling is there hope for change? In comparison to Freudian deterministic etiology, Adlerian teleology provides a much more effective approach in Christian counselling, it agrees with the message of the bible to...

About Jesus

    Go to this website : http://www.usccb.org/bible/scripture.cfm?bk=Matthew&ch= and then read Matthew chapters 26-28 and take the answers from chapters 26-27-28   1.What about Jesus in this section of the Gospel might potentially attract, inspire,...
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