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“Sport: Mental and physical benefits”

Statement of Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of how sports can benefit our health differently.Central Idea: Sport can benefit our health by improving our physical and mental health. And it also helps kids to have a healthy life.Introduction Attention: what...

Physics Question

StudentWhen Flemings right hand rule to find the direction of induced emf, the thumb points towards

Quantum physics

Your instructor purchased a coffee mug at CERN with a simple version of the Lagrangian (L) of the standard model of particle physics written on the side of the mug as:1 L = – 4 – F” F” V 0 Y ij j + 1;012 – V(0)•(ii) Sketch a primitive...

Static and Kinetic Friction

These will be formal write-ups of selected experiments, in which you will explain the idea and theory of theexperiment and describe your calculations, analysis and conclusions. The general format for the formal reportis as follows: Title pageIntroduction:Background...

Home Electricity

With the advancement of technology, are we using more or less electricity? Open-ended writing. On one side, some home appliances working with higher efficiency, on the other side, our daily life relying more on automation and technologies that may use more...

Heat capacity

In your own words, describe the concept of specific heat capacity and the effects that it has on temperature changes. Give an example of specific heat capacity that you see in your everyday life. Why did you select this example?
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