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Multiple regressions

      1. (3 points) The City of Chicago decides that students in 3rd grade have to pass a high stakes test to advance to 4th grade. Those scoring below a 70 will have to repeat 3rd grade. An astute researcher realizes this is a natural experiment. What...

Mathematical induction

    ECS122A Problem Set #1 Due: 11:59pm, Thursday, April 8, 2021 1. Use mathematical induction to show that when n is a power of 2, T(n) = n lg n is the solution of the recurrence relation T(n) = ( 2 if n = 2 2 · T( n 2 ) + n if n = 2k for k > 1. 2....

Math Analysis

    Upload your solutions at: https://tinyurl.com/AML-2021-ASSIGNMENT1 1. (0.5 points) Give an example of a finite hypothesis class H with VCdim(H) = 2021. Justify your choice. 2. (0.5 points) Consider Hballs to be the set of all balls in R2 : Hballs =...

Solid shapes.

    Submit a report on the solid shapes. What are they? How to measure their volumes, Give a real-life problem in which these solids are used. Enrich your report with fancy pictures. Requirements: as it solve the question...

Cubic equation

    Step by step explanation of how to solve for the three roots of the Cubic equation. x^3 + 2x^2 – 3001x – 2994 = 0 The whole process is more important than the answers themselves. Need to know formulas used as well thanks....

Linear Algebra

            Discuss proposed analysis tool for project Basic linear programming model might be best Not enough time to get accurate data for the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) tool Do we want to create simulated data points and use...
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