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Athlete Strength Assessment and Improvement Plan

    Based on your updated MORR Athlete Strength Assessment and Improvement Plan Phase 1 you will create a detailed weekly and daily plan specific to your athlete. Your improvement plan should be broken down into individual weeks (Week 1 (from Phase 1), Week...

Sport and Exercise

        Sport and Exercise Science – Pre-sleep protein (casein vs whey) effects on muscle protein synthesis Order Me  

Global Trojan Horses and Sporting White Elephants

  The hosting of the Olympic Games (or indeed any global sport spectacle) is a misguided and substantial drain on public monies, which would more effectively benefit the host city population were it spent on services (i.e. education, health, policing, sanitation)...

Proper arm care

    What strategies do coaches and trainers implement to ensure proper arm care

Gender and Sports

  Why men and women were not treated the equally when playing the same sport”, and “how the 1900’s played a huge role in the development of women’s hockey”.
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