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Assume that your reader wants your essay to be written in an easy to follow manner, so be sure that you have a clearly written thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction, which may be more than one paragraph long.
Keep referring to They Say, I Say for ways to use the templates to frame your responses to the ideas of the authors, present your supporting details from the TSIS essays, and provide clear transitions between your ideas. Attempt to “hook” your readers with an interesting introduction strategy, maybe a startling quote, statistic, or story.
End the essay with a concluding paragraph that gives the reader a sense of closure without repeating the thesis or merely summarizing the essay.
Include at least one image. An image may be a graph or chart (which works really well) or a cartoon or picture. Use the image like a quote. Place it in the paragraph to support a point you are making. Do not simply place it at the beginning or the end of the essay.
Include at least one semicolon, colon, and dash.
Include at least three summary/paraphrases in your essay.
Include at least one “long quote,” or “block quote,
Assignment Subject: Environmental Problem and Solution Essay: We’ve read quite a few pages from our book-length work the Sixth Extinction, and this assignment focuses attention upon the larger concepts that book explores: The anthropocene, the demise of so much life due to human behaviors that we are causing yet another mass extinction like the five previous extinctions, but those were not the result of one species impacting so many other species. With this and Kolbert’s book in mind, select an essay topic regarding the negative impact humans cause upon any single species or related species and explore the causes and effects responsible for this problem and offer a solution. You may focus upon negative effects on species in a region, maybe your hometown. It’s appropriate to include a small percentage of content toward negative or positive human health/quality of life issues, but the primary focus needs to be on non-human life, just as Kolbert does in her book. Your topic can focus on flora or fauna (plants or animals).
Narrow the topic down to something appropriate for the length limitation of this assignment, and provide a specific opinion about that topic, which you will then create an argument in support of. Offer, in your thesis and in your essay, a solution(s) to the problem.
You may want to focus on a particular species–gorillas, sharks, frogs, butterflies, elephants, desert turtles, big cats etc. or on a specific species “monarch butterflies. You’ll want to explore, research, and find your topic. Here’s a passage from a recent LA Times article:
Globally, more than a million plants and animals face extinction due to habitat loss, climate change and other factors related to human activity, and this alarming loss of biodiversity is only accelerating. In California, conservationists and biologists have identified scores of species in potential peril, including many icons of the state’s beloved wildlands — chinook salmon, giant sequoias, Joshua trees, desert tortoises, California red-legged frogs, gray whales.

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