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In your responses to your peers, consider how well they justified their positions, making use of available sources. Consider the following questions in your response posts:
• Did they support their position convincingly using scholarly sources?
• Which of their points makes the most sense to you, even if you made a case for the opposing viewpoint?
• Post an article, video, or visual to reinforce a peer’s idea or challenge them to see their point from a different perspective.
To complete this assignment, review the Psychology Undergraduate Discussion Rubric. You will also need:
• Norms of Practice for Online Discussion
• Ethical Usage Practices
Marriott, N. (2014). The future of statistical thinking. Significance, 11(5), 78-80. Royal Statistical Society. doi:10.1111/j.1740-9713.2014.00787.x
Peer 1-LV
Good morning!
My name is Lisa Valcanas and I am a psychology major. I have a passion for helping others, and have pursued several other avenues in my educational career including an associates degree in journalism/broadcasting and I was a licensed massage therapist for four years after the birth of my daughter. Truly I have always had a knack for being the person that everyone went to discuss personal issues, which today gives me a great advantage in my favorite line of work….direct care. Retail was my first job and I stayed at the same employer for 13 years, and in that time I learned a lot about people from my interactions with a diverse population. Also during that employment period I attended massage therapy school, had my daughter, then practiced massage part time. Once the retailer closed due to bankruptcy, I started working at a psychiatric hospital as a mental health assistant and fell in love with psych! It was such a wonderful experience to learn about psychiatric conditions and help people to learn and grow. I moved over an hour away from my hometown and got back into retail for a short period to fill my time (and make ends meet). In retail my passions were not fulfilled and I found a direct care job assisting disabled teens in the community and I moved up in the company for 2 years before my current job was put on my heart during a presentation in church. My current position is a case manager at a transitional housing program for women who have experienced severe trauma in their lives. I cherish this job, as it encompasses everything I have learned over the last 37 years and fulfills my passion by helping women who need to just have a chance to be loved and nurtured in all areas of life. I am on the track to graduate after completing 6 classes (including this one) and I am considering a masters in the future, it all depends where life takes me.
• Make your case by persuasively supporting your position. Include at least one recent (within the past five years) scholarly source to support your position.
I believe that understanding statistics is necessary to be an effective citizen because data is all around us, sometimes false. As well-informed community members, we have an obligation to seek out true and logical so we can make good decisions. We are all consumers who make critical decisions on a daily basis, which means we look for guidance in literature, the internet and through others to come to a conclusion. Basic math skills also play a role in this as we must be able to read and understand the information we seek. Data scientists are able to interpret and present statistical analysis on massive amounts of data, which provides us (the consumers) with relevant information to apply to our everyday lives. This profession is growing, as the amount and types of data increases and data scientists are perceived as having the skills to deal with a broad class of data (Marriot, 2014.)
• Career connections
Data analysis in psychology is imperative, especially when it comes to treatments of various mental illnesses. While there are many types of treatments available for mental illnesses, medication is the one that comes to mind first when applying statistical analysis. When looking at patient registry records in hospitals, a study found that “the electronic patient records provided a valuable data resource for researchers wishing to perform a variety of analyses to explore health risk determinants, medication prescribing, rehospitalization, and death rates” (Taushanov et al, 2021). This shows that collecting data on medications, and other topics, for treatment provides vital information for further and future treatments.
Marriott, N. (2014). Future of statistical thinking. Significance, 11(5), 78–80. https://doi-org.ezproxy.snhu.edu/10.1111/j.1740-9713.2014.00787.x
Taushanov, Z., Verloo, H., Wernli, B., Giovanni, S. D., Armin, v. G., & Pereira, F. (2021). Transforming a Patient Registry Into a Customized Data Set for the Advanced Statistical Analysis of Health Risk Factors and for Medication-Related Hospitalization Research: Retrospective Hospital Patient Registry Study. JMIR Medical Informatics, 9(5)http://dx.doi.org/10.2196/24205

Peer 2-KS
Good afternoon,
My name is Kayla Smith. I am currently working on my second year towards a BA in psychology. I am 27 years. I live in a small town in Tennessee with my wife and my two youngest sibling we adopted five years ago. I am very nervous about this class, because this has never been my strong suit.
After reviewing the article, I consider that knowledge of facts is important to be an effective citizen. I suppose that humans want to have a simple idea of facts to higher recognize the international round them that’s packed with facts. Society is continuously being fed facts whether or not they may be privy to it or not. We see it at the information and diverse social media sites. Not expertise facts leaves an open door to an inflow of incorrect information or “fake-information” which can probably damage citizens – personally, socially, physically, and financially. Marketing and marketing and marketing goals clients with deceptive facts about its merchandise to boom sales. Indecent reporting may be deceptive as its traditional to apply percentages, however fail to provide any records on preliminary and cease values. “Assume that in the past every family had 6 humans in it and at a later year this variety is reduced to 4. Even if the earnings in step with individual is increased by 25 percent, the entire sum indicates a financial decline because it equals the quantity that five humans could make in past” (Shenavarmasouleh & Arabnia, 2019)
Understanding data and whether or not they’re imperative in contemporary-day society pertains to the programmatic subject of social justice. I’m selecting this programmatic subject due to the fact coverage makers and authorities officers regularly use data while selecting what’s great for the nation. If these human beings do not own statistical literacy then they won’t make the selection for our great interest.
“Causes of Misleading Statistics and Research Results Irreproducibility: A Concise Review.” IEEE Xplore, https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9071340.

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