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Cisco Switching

write a  report that critically appraises different network designs to optimize network availability. (LO1)
consider threats and vulnerabilities and critically appraise the risks to business continuity and evidence your ability to mitigate against layer 2 security issues. (LO2)

Learning outcomes to be assessed-
LO1 Critique different Network Designs to optimize network availability.

LO2 Analyse the risks to business continuity through Service Loss and Data Theft.

MediaInc is a growing organisation 1600 users across 8 floors in a new „green? building in New York. MediaInc is a medium-scale news and publishing organisation with a network infrastructure that includes a single data centre in New York and 2 backup data centres, one in Los Angeles and one in Seattle connected over dual dark fibre. They currently cover the Americas, but are considering expanding their market into EMEA and Asia-Pacific, with the requisite need for additional data centres and connectivity to these regional offices.

It uses many systems and services at the forefront of technology, including GigE phones and WLAN coverage.

MediaInc has an employee base of just under 2000 employees in the Americas, with foreign correspondents throughout the world.

The company has maintained a strong position remaining competitive in every aspect of their business.

You should critique various layer 2 designs to support the systems and services of MediaInc at each of the data centres.

The operations director is inviting you as a network consultant to advise them on the best design that considers both high availability and throughput to increase productivity.

Security at the switching layer is of paramount importance to business continuity and as a network consultant you will critically appraise security threats at layer 2 and make recommendations based on any threats identified.

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