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During this phase of the project, your approved Architectural Design by the client shall be
converted into a conceptual structural design. You are required
to submit/develop the following:
1- Structural layouts for all floors showing all structural members (beams, slabs and columns) with all necessary sizes & dimensions based on estimates and minimum design code requirements.
2- A foundation layout with initial(properly estimated) sizes of your footings and ground beams layout. Assume the soil bearing capacity = 2.7 kg/cm2
and assume bottom elevation of footings equal to -3.0 m from the lowest floor as a minimum.
3- Model your building structure using SAP2000 program (A separate model is required for each civil student).
4- Obtain your main straining actions (e.g., bending moments, shear forces, axial loads) applied on All building structural elements (beams and columns). These staining actions shall be properly presented in the final technical report according to the proper load combinations.
Note: Estimated weights of mechanical components shall be used for the Civil Students analysis until the actual weights/sizes are coordinated. Updated analysis shall be redone if the variation between estimated loads and actual loads is high.
*Can you look at sample paper that attached below as sample that you can have an idea how to do it for me.the paper that you go write about footing so all information about my part attached below and you have the formals and screenshot. put in your consideration that the ground beams are connected with footing .Also can you write an example and explain how you get the number for “calculated the footing manually “. this is example you have to put it in the paper. For column number C1 The given F3= 500.059 B.s= 2.7 Kg/cm3 2.79.81/1000/(1/100)^2=264.87 KN/m3
Area= 2.076M2
L=root of area = root of 2.076= 1.44 =1.5 m

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