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Select a client who benefit from cognitive/behavioral
treatment. Describe your client’s presenting problem. Conduct an assessment
identifying the target problems and discussing the methods used to collect your data
(Daily Record of automatic thoughts, standardized tests). Do a literature
review and summarize the state of evidence regarding the use of CBT for your client’s
presenting problem and sociodemographic characteristics (minimum 3 references; no
more than one page).

Develop a cognitive case conceptualization (refer to hand-out) based on your client’s
presenting issues and your assessment. Identify the relevant cognitive errors in your
client’s thinking and how you determined these errors. Provide examples of thought
records or other examples of how you established the presence of these errors with your
client. Next, describe what underlying intermediate and core beliefs you feel are
reflected in your client’s thinking and where they come from. End with a description of
the CBT techniques and strategies you would use to modify your client’s core beliefs
and a rationale for why you believe the identified techniques/strategies would be helpful.
This paper should be 5 or 6 pages in length, typewritten, double spaced, and referenced in
APA format. Include a bibliography of work that is appropriate to your topic. Include
computerized or neatly, hand-drawn graphs. Your paper will be evaluated, in part, on the
significance of your literature review. Submit some illustrations of your work (i.e.: a
page from a client identifying automatic thoughts, a process recording that shows
how you used the model in practice, etc

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