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Write a 3–4 page that addresses the following concerns from the project sponsor:

Step 1: The sponsor would like a summary of your project.

Summarize your project to date, including a message regarding the completion and implementation of the Communication Plan & Project Schedule.
Note: Do not repeat your introduction from the first assignment to avoid a high Safe Assign percentage.
Step 2: The sponsor is now asking for a report with not a lot of details.

Explain to the sponsor why a milestone report might be a more useful report and discuss at least three milestones for the project.
Step 3: The sponsor is confused about the communication plan completed earlier and is questioning its effectiveness.

Explain the format and content of the communication matrix and how it is being used to enhance communications among stakeholders.
Note: Chapter 4 in the course textbook discusses communication plans.
Step 4: As the project moves further into the execution process, conflict among stakeholders becomes more evident, and the project manager needs to address it. A good project manager understands that there are two types of conflict to be on the lookout for – functional and dysfunctional.

Explain the differences between functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. Provide examples.
Step 5: Now, let us assume that the communications among team members continued to deteriorate to the point where some team members were authorized to work virtually from remote locations. Now that some team members are working virtually, new communication issues have surfaced.

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