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  1. The case study is filled with different decisions/ behaviors made by the leader. Please choose one of his/her decisions or behaviors and analyze it based on the MARS model. Think about the values, perception, stress level, motivations, abilities, and role perceptions, situational factors that caused such behavior or decision.
  2. Could you describe the company’s culture values?


  1. Based on the models discussed in class, could you describe the leader’s personality (i.e Big 5 model, MBTI, Holland) ?
  2. Leaders usually have above average emotional intelligence (EI). Provide examples from the case that could illustrate the leader’s EI. You can use the 4 levels of EI to structure your thoughts and examples.


  1. Please describe the leader’s style based one of the models and concepts discussed in class.


  1. Could you analyze the leader’s motivation style based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Which need he/she emphasized more while motivating the employees.
  2. Based on the three needs theory, which one do you think motivates the leader’s behavior / decisions?
  3. Based on the four drives model , please analyze any of the leader’s behaviors/ decisions
  4. Analyze the leader’s motivational strategy through the expectancy theory of motivation?

Strategic Management

  1. Analyze the organization from a corporate level strategy. Are they focusing on growth, stability or renewal strategies?
  2. Analyze the business based on the porter model. What are the different forces that they are facing?
  3. What are the business strategies? Are they focusing on the differentiation, cost leadership or focus strategies?


  1. Analyze the leader’s sources of power (and contingencies of power) that she/he utilize to motivate and persuade the employees.
  2. Based on the types of influence discussed in class, analyze the leader’s influence on his/her subordinates
  3. Discuss the employees reaction to the leader’s strategies/decision based on the resistance, compliance and commitment mode
  4. What are the sources of conflict in the case study?
  5. Describe the leader’s negotiation style.

Organizational Change and Culture

  1. Describe the different elements of the company’s culture. Identify types of artifacts language , stories and values etc… in the company
  2. Analyze the company’s culture based on the 7 dimensions of organizational culture.
  3. Describe the type of organizational cultural change the company is undergoing, in case it’s about the merger of 2 organizations
  4. Analyze the CEO’s strategies in changing or strengthening the organizational culture
  5. Analyze the different forces of change in the company, based on the force field analysis model.
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