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Select a Nursing Theory (20 points)
Identify a nursing theory discussed in this class or found in your readings. Explain how this nursing theory contributes to the development of nursing knowledge. Include at least three (3) different ways this theory has contributed to nursing knowledge.
Select a Concept (20 points)
Select one concept from the selected nursing theory (Links to an external site.) and describe this concept in relation to the theoretical framework.
Analyze the Concept (20 points)
Analysis of the concept is to include:
Define the concept as the author of the theory has defined it, using a quote or quotes from the original author.
Locate a contrasting definition from another body of literature of any (not a dictionary definition but a theoretical definition from the literature). Discuss at least one major difference between the two definitions.
Analyze the concept’s defining attributes by listing and discussing why they are essential to the concept as used in the theory.
Describe a model case, a related case, and an illegitimate case.
Discuss how the concept might be measured (quantitatively) or identified (qualitatively) using at least two (2) examples.
Concept Application (20 points)
Apply the selected concept to a specific practice situation and describe one (1) intervention and a realistic outcome that can be used to guide thinking, improve performance, analyze policy, and allocate resources.
Integration of Evidence and Theory (10 points)
 Integrate credible, relevant sources to support ideas appropriate for the assignment.
Consistently use information in ways that are true to original context. Always distinguish between own ideas or common knowledge and ideas requiring attribution.
Scholarly articles integrated within the paper meet the following standards:
Provide the required number of references (minimum of 7)
Most nursing-specific or nursing-related
Provide the required number of references from a discipline outside nursing (minimum of 1).

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