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Most people spend much of their lives in the company of others and/or in groups. Accordingly, a person’s individual behavior often is significantly impacted by the presence of others and their behavior. This phenomenon is the focus of Week 6. You will explore social psychology concepts related to conformity and obedience to authority. Why, for example, do people conform by adopting the latest fashion trends and why do others reject these trends? Why do some individuals obey the requests and rules of authority while others seem to think that the rules do not apply to them? This course ends with a focus on how people’s behaviors, opinions, and even emotions are often affected by being in a group or by having others nearby.

Learning Objectives
Students will:
Distinguish between conformity and obedience
Exemplify and explain conformity and obedience
Analyze the impact of group membership on individual behavior
Identify and apply concepts, principles, and processes related to social influence and behavior of individuals in groups

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