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Conduct research and find examples of each of the following consumer sales promotions and answer the following questions in 300-400-word response:
• Coupons are a common tool of integrated marketing communication (IMC). How have coupons influenced your purchase of a product or service? What are the features of the coupon that were most influential in your purchase decision?
• Many firms use contests or sweepstakes to promote their product. How does a contest or a sweepstake impact or influence your decision to purchase? Did you win any of the prizes as a result? Did this influence your view of the product? Why or why not?
• Samples are often given out at supermarkets or can be sent through the mail. Has tasting a sample resulted in your buying the product? If so, did you become brand loyal to the product? If not, why not? What is your opinion on the sample’s effectiveness as a promotional tool?

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