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For your reassessment attempt at assessment point 1, please ensure that you reflect and act on the feedback
you were provided with in your first attempt. Your reassessment
attempt at assessment point 1 needs to show significant improvement from the first attempt. IMPORTANT –
you must follow exactly the same assessment brief for assessment point 1 as you did in your first attempt.
Select an existing health
promotion intervention of your choice and, with reference to relevant behavioural theory and evidence, critically
report on its effectiveness in driving positive changes in health behaviours. In doing so explore its strengths
and make recommendations to
address its weaknesses and limitations.
Please note that the existing health promotion intervention that you choose to focus on for this assessment
needs to be selected from one of the examples provided to you within the repository which is available to you
on the VLE site for this module.
Your work should include and cover the following sections/aspects and content (as shown and stated in the
table below). The specific percentage marks allocated to each
section/aspect of your work is stated below. Please also note that the Level 7 marking criteria (located towards
the end of this assessment brief) will also be used to reflect this overall grade. Please remember that
achievement and demonstration of both learning outcomes (2 and 4) is being assessed in this assessment.
Section/aspect; Content to cover; Marks available.




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