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Read the following scenarios/activities and answer the questions that follow. Your answer must demonstrate critical thinking and concepts from the course. All answers must use proper grammar and spelling. Any outside sources must be cited and referenced according to APA standards. The assignment, should be a minimum of one page in length.
Scenario #1
You are at a music concert and a close friend of yours (someone you have known most of your life and trust implicitly) hands you a powder that he or she has obtained. He or she calls it “Molly” and assures you that it is a pure form of Ecstasy. You have used Ecstasy in the past. Your friend is willing to take this drug along with you.
Given the material in chapter 12, what would you do? How would you respond to your friend?
Scenario #2
You are a bank official in a state in which marijuana has been legalized. A local businessman comes to your bank to apply for a checking account and loan to expand his thriving marijuana shop. He explains that by all standard criteria his credit rating is excellent but for the last several months he has been forced to carry out with all transactions on a cash-only basis, without a checking account. Without a commercial loan, he cannot expand his business. In the last three weeks, he has been robbed at knifepoint when transporting his cash receipts, the last time being particularly dangerous to him. He nearly lost his life, and fears that next time he may not be so fortunate. Yet you worry about the FDIC requirements for your bank. If you were to lose FDIC protection for your depositors, you would have to close your doors.
Do you approve the loan? What justifications do you provide if you say Yes or if you say No?
Activity #1
Describe the effects of any four of the non-LSD hallucinogens and include the characteristics that distinguish them from those of LSD.
Activity #2
Describe the distinctions between the CB1 and CB2 receptors and how various cannabinoids interact with these two receptor types and produce different behavioral and physiological effects.

Scenario #1 should be referenced using Chapter 12 of Drugs, Society, Criminal Justice by Charles F. Levinthal and Lori Brusman Lovins

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