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Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation with slide notes that define a CSR issue, explain how the problem affects a local or global community as well as your chosen company, and describe possible sustainable solutions that your chosen company can support.

In the last assessment, you brought together the knowledge you gathered earlier from your select company’s functional areas to assemble a team to solve a problem. You made a case for establishing the team.

In this final assessment, you’ll create a PowerPoint presentation to explain how a corporate social responsibility (CSR) problem affects a local or global community as well as your company, and describe possible sustainable solutions that it can support. It’s an opportunity to show your talent and bring together what you’ve learned to present to your CEO. You will apply the knowledge from the chosen company website that you have reviewed and the insights from the scenarios and the assessments you have written earlier to select an appropriate CSR issue for your company to pursue.

The pandemic and the global recession of 2020 pulled CSR into the spotlight. Issues such as hunger, underemployment, homelessness, disease mitigation, and recovery from environmental hazards often require generous financial and volunteer efforts, such that corporations find themselves contributing in various ways.

The new reality for companies to consider is that potential employees are often weighing the philanthropic and social-justice contributions of organizations as part of their application process and long-term commitment to a company. Corporations are responding to this changing environment by selecting specific issues or non-profit agencies to support, as well as including their CSR messaging as part of their overall marketing plan.

Now that you’ve learned about the functional areas of the company through your internship and the company’s focus on teamwork and problem-solving, your manager would like you to lead an effort to select a corporate social responsibility (CSR) issue that the company can adopt and champion over time. You’ve impressed others with your work so far. This is a significant vote of confidence from your manager and an opportunity for visibility from the CEO and even external audiences.

Research the CSR efforts of your chosen company.
Choose a specific current issue that can be addressed with sustainable solutions.
Prepare a short presentation to leadership about the chosen issue and present some sustainable problem-solving actions that the company could take as part of a new CSR campaign. You may use the Assessment 4 Template [PPTX] to help organize your work.
Using the template, create an 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation with slide notes that define a corporate social responsibility issue, explain how the problem affects a local or global community, and describe possible sustainable solutions that the company can support.

  1. In preparation for this assessment, review your selected company website and look for evidence of a social responsibility issue or problem that they have adopted to support in the local, national, or global community. Think about the following questions as you review the website. The interactive activity Corporate Social Responsibility can take you through these first questions and help you get a start on your assessment.

Is the company support for the issue financial or is there also a volunteer element?
How are employees engaged in the financial or volunteer activities? Are customers able to contribute financially and through volunteering?
How is the solution that the company supports sustainable?
How does the issue tie to your chosen company’s mission and vision?

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