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Cultural Anthropology Final – Power

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Anth 106 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology – FINAL (Take-Home)

Women of the Forest, by Yolanda and Robert Murphy, Columbia University Press, 2004.

Sharing our Worlds: An Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology, by Joy Hendry, New York University Press.

You will write a 6-pages (minimum) essay around the following questions:

What kind of political system do the Munduruku have? Has it recently changed or not? You will also say if sacerdotal power interferes with political power. You may want to organize your paper around two important variables: Munduruku society before and after permanent contact with the Brazilian nations-state and its institutions.

Your essay should include the following terms, in context (that is, each of these words must be employed adequately, within a relevant topic):
– acephalic
– Chief
– factions
– Shaman
– legitimacy
– charisma
– election
– Clans
– moities
– age grade
– women
– social classes

You will use the book by the Murphys, Women of the Forest, and the textbook(Sharing our Worlds).

Due date: May 18, 2pm, in my office (or underneath the door) My office is M-4-415. Late papers will not be accepted. Only hard copies will be accepted (no email or email attachment). You must follow university guidelines regarding plagiarism (indicate all your sources with clear, specific references –see below). Font 12, space 2. Staple your paper. This is worth 25% of your final grade. Spell-check and proofread your paper.

Your answer should have an introduction, several sections and subsections, and a conclusion.

You should always answer questions as scholars. That means that you must be as scientific, logical, methodical, explicit, didactic, and exhaustive as possible. All your arguments must be substantiated. You must also:
-avoid general, vague statements
-avoid moral judgments and moralizing statements (no substitute to critical thinking)
-avoid emotional statements
-avoid colloquial expressions
-stay on target and avoid digressions.

You must demonstrate critical reading and critical thinking. You cannot write a merely descriptive, factual paper. Again, your answer should be supported by arguments and clear, specific references (including page number).

Quotes should be between quotation marks, and include the author’s name and page number. Same thing if you write about/synthesize an idea or an argument from any text (mention the name of the author, place year of publication and the page number).

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