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provide meaningful feedback to the following post.

“You are an expatriate (with a spouse and a 6-year-old daughter) sent on assignment for one year to Hong Kong.

During my time in the military, I had the opportunity to live and travel to various countries and continents. The following answers are based upon my experiences or the experiences of friends…

What should you do to prepare for departure?

Make contact with your liaison in Hong Kong before departing the US
Ensure transportation and lodging are scheduled before departing the US
Preparations for the child’s education will need to be made, whether she is home schooled or sent to a school where English is spoken
See a doctor and ensure all prescriptions are filled for 30-90days until you can find a doctor there
Find a local “Urgent Care” that is covered under your health insurance for any emergencies
Know how to get to your place of employment and how you plan to get there (public transportation/carpool)
What training should you or your family complete pre-departure?

Attend training/read about the culture and common practices
Basic understanding of the local religion/traditions/holidays which guide their way of life
What challenges will you face upon arrival?

Language barrier!
Currency exchange
What expectations do you have from your home and host country organization?

Training before I leave the US for Hong Kong
A liaison from Hong Kong prior to arriving and liaison from the US during the assignment
What are the do’s and don’t’s for an expat working in Hong Kong?

After attending training before leaving the US, these types of “do’s and don’t’s” should be covered
A simple gesture like pointing your finger is considered rude and talking about politics is a “don’t” in Hong Kong
Like every state in the US has different laws, Hong Kong’s laws may differ from the country of China. Know the different laws that govern Hong Kong.”

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