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/2 Considering the current state of the pandemic, write a reflection of your concerns, feelings, or perspectives from at least two of the many “hats” that you wear (eg, student, parent, child of an older adult, healthcare provider, citizen, etc.).

/1 Has your perspective on the responsibility of the U.S. to participate in global health changed because of coronavirus. Why or why not?

/1 Leave your classmates with at least one way that you have learned to take better care of yourself over the last year or a self-care goal you have set for yourself.

/3 Choose and discuss ONE (1) of the following related to current global health concerns:

Discuss the inequities in vaccine availability and uptake for certain populations (eg, minority, intellectual disability, rural residing, etc.).
Provide examples of population-specific strategies to improve rates of vaccination, and explain why they may be effective.

Summarize current statistics on how COVID-19 has impacted the overall life expectancy for U.S. citizens based on their race. How can this information be used to influence policy making?

Explain how addressing climate change can improve maternal health outcomes.

Summarize up-to-date information on a problem that APRNs will increasingly face as a result of the pandemic (eg, opioid misuse, intimate partner violence, child abuse) and explain how the pandemic increased its incidence. What policy changes are needed to address the problem.

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