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It is essential that cybersecurity professionals are capable of evaluating a company to determine if compliance laws and standards are being followed correctly.
identify the essential elements regarding what is required to attain compliance or successful cybersecurity resilience.
Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word compliance report to the CIO from a legal standpoint that addresses the following:
Evaluate the components of IT governance frameworks to ensure regulatory compliance within your chosen organization.
Determine what overarching guidance and laws the industry must comply with.
Examine the requisite set of standards, frameworks, policies, and best practices most helpful in the development and implementation of the organization’s objectives.
Perform requirements analyses to formulate and deploy business information systems solutions within an organization.
Identify the industry’s critical data infrastructure assets (i.e., network, telecom, utilities, applications, computers, and client data categories).
Identify human resources for technical, management, and legal operations.
Identify requisite law enforcement entities required for reporting breaches (i.e., local, state, and federal areas of compliance).
Examine cybersecurity policies in relation to an organization’s alignment with laws, regulations, and standards.

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