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Introduction and background of the problem, source(s) of data set(s), how you collected the data, description of data set(s), and description of variables used to answer the problem statement. You may create a table with variable names and their description or include the variable names and descriptions as bullet points. You are also expected to use some theoretical background or information systems research theory for the research questions (although not required but recommended, may use library resources or Google scholar to search for information systems theories). (minimum 2 pages, no maximum limit).

Description of technique applied to the data set(s) to answer the questions / problems. You may use any of the technique(s) we covered in the class or may also use a data analytic technique(s) from outside the syllabus as long as you have proper understanding of the technique and can justify its usage to solving the problem (minimum 2 pages, no maximum limit). You may also use a combination of supervised and unsupervised techniques as well. For example, clustering followed by linear regression. Also, you may use more than one data source/data set, to propose research question(s) and analyze the data set(s)to find answer(s) to proposed research question(s).

Results and interpretation of results. You must include some graphs, figures, Excel outputs here. You are not required to include detailed Excel steps in this section. You are expected to explain your results (whether they support the research question(s) or not), based on the chosen theory/theories. (minimum 1 page, no maximum limit).

Any limitations, challenges and summary of your work (minimum 1 page, no maximum limit).

Appendix (optional). You may include the detailed Excel steps here, although not required (no page limit).

References include the web links, textbooks, articles, etc. you have used to carry out this project (no page limit).

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