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scenario: You are an intern data scientist at Shootingformars Corp. and have data analysis and machine learning skills, particularly in the financial service sector. As it happens, your mentor Ms Fowler has just been approached by Mr Musk, a new client who has recently started investing in the Share Market and has been using some past information to make his trading decisions on a daily basis. Mr Musk has also been researching during his spare time and has heard that modern Data Science methods such as Machine Learning can be used to predict the price direction for stocks and other financial assets. Unfortunately, he has limited understanding of the Data Science process and limited programming skills, he does have some background in statistics.
After the initial meeting with Mr Musk, Ms Fowler has decided to treat this as a educational/proof of concept pro ject and brought you on board to conduct the analysis and
prepare the documentation for the pro ject.Ms Fowler has assigned a publicly trading stock listed in ‘
Name Stock Exchange RBICS Economy Market Value Exchng Ticker
Commonwealth Bank of Australia ASX Finance 125,796.0 CBA-ASX

and given you a set of tasks as listed in Part-I and Part-II of this document. Part-I is
aimed to assist Mr Musk in developing a better understanding of the Data Science and
Descriptive Statistics using statistics and visualisation. Part-II of the task is to use the
stock assigned to you and conduct a classification exercise for demonstration. The task
requires you to create a professional standard document to be presented to the client.

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