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The Millinery Shop by Degas is at the Chicago Art Institute. The Art Institute is both a very famous art school and an equally famous art museum.

Follow this link and view this art piece: The Millinery Shop link https://www.artic.edu/artworks/14572/the-millinery-shop
Analyze the painting, especially in terms of elements of unity, variety, and balance. Use terminologies from your texbook readings and flashcards in this module. What is repeating? How does this piece achieve harmony? The flashcard link. https://wwnorton.com/common/flashcards/welcome_th.asp?s=gatewaystoart3&c=1.6&a=1.6
Use the zoom feature and go in closely so you can see the brush work. Take a screenshot and upload it in your discussions. I need to see that you looked at the surface texture and brushwork of the painting.

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