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Research paper discussing the three aspects of population health as
described in the text; healthcare systems, traditional public health, and social policy.
Select a topic of interest. This could be a topic that is obviously part of healthcare (like breast cancer), or
something that is further removed (like climate change or urban planning). I will be approving your topics
before you get started on your paper.
Healthcare systems relate to how we treat disease, how we organize and deliver care, and how this topic
impacts clinical care in some way. Consider how your topic impacts human health on an individual level and
how the healthcare system addresses the issue.
Traditional public health relates to how we identify and protect vulnerable groups. This could be through
demographics, screenings, public health interventions, and other ways that improve the health of the
population as a whole. Think about the two ways of improving public health the book describes (improving the
average and identifying vulnerable groups).
Social policy can relate directly to health policy or can include policies outside of the healthcare system that
impacts outcomes. Consider how laws and regulations try to meet free-market failure to improve the issue. You
may talk about insurance policy as well.
Include a brief introduction and conclusion in your paper. The paper should be 5-8 pages, 12 points, double
spaced. The paper should use APA format and in-text citations. References should be scholarly articles. You
may use two websites as sources, but they must be reputable. When looking for information on websites,
check to see if the information was taken from a published paper. This is often the case for sites such as the
CDC. Use the publication as your source instead of the website. You should have a minimum of five sources,
but more is obviously bette




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