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Design a short online teaching resource including, formative assessment, (and summative if it is appropriate for the learning resource) for delivery in an Online Learning Environment. This resource should demonstrate the use of a number of additional teaching technologies i.e. videos, podcasts, simulation, access to different resources, types of discussion / collaborative tools etc.
design, but not develop or build, a piece of online teaching on a topic of your choice for an audience that you must define. This may be part of an academic course or CPD. It should have more than one session, but no more than three (these may be like weeks of the Med education programme – though shorter).
Part 1 30% (approximately 1 page of text, not story boarded)
• Develop the overall aims/ title of the learning
• Describe and justify the mode(s) of delivery for target audience/population ( online)
• Develop ILOs (SMART) for the learning
Part 1 should be completed by the end of week 3 and posted in the CoP discussion board for written formative feedback from your tutor as well as peers. Material posted after week 3 will not receive formative tutor feedback.
Part 2 70% (presented in a story board)
• Develop an outline of how you will deliver the ILOs (the topics / content and methods for each learning activity) To include title, aims and ILO’s as part of the teaching material.
• Develop in detail a range of teaching/learning activities which involve learning technologies.
• Demonstrate how you would assess the students using learning technologies, this must include a formative component and may include a summative piece in addition. This will depend on whether you are designing a formal piece of course work or a piece of professional or skills development.
Part 2 will be presented in a story board with notes (to justify choices and supply necessary background – see example.
This should be in the form of a storyboard using software such as PowerPoint. We recommend that you include your content in the main frame and then use a text or comments frame to include additional information and justify your decisions. No more than 30 slides in total.

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