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To achieve the best grade, please follow the attached rubric below. Shoot for 1000 words.
As you read, make notes about your reactions, assumptions, implications, arguments, questions (see prompts in instructions) The idea of personal responses are to engage in thoughtful internal dialogue about the idea of global issues and education. You should attempt, in your understanding of the readings to get “underneath” what you read in order to understand the social, political, and cultural underpinnings of the issues. Reading critically involves more than understanding the words or liking or disliking the texts; critical reading requires reflection.

  1. Part 2 Developing Justice: What are the main points and what is the authors purpose?
  2. Creating classrooms for Social Justice: What is meant by authentic assessment?
  3. New York Giants and Social Justice: Sports and social justice- do professional sports have a duty to shine a light on social justice issues? Or should they remain for entertainment? Or can these two exist at the same time?


  1. What reality are you creating for yourself? How can these suggestions relate to your own life?
  2. What is social justice? What does this mean in the context of today, schooling etc.
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