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responsibility of a Speech Language Pathologist is to plan and implement intervention services. During this assignment, the student will apply knowledge of typical vocabulary development principles to the process of planning intervention for a child with an expressive language delay.

Instructions: You are going to begin direct speech and language intervention with Evelyn (the child referred to you in Week 2) to improve expressive language skills. Your assessment and observations indicated that her expressive language skills were at the 12-15 month level. In a 2-4 page, APA formatted, paper create a treatment plan for Evelyn that includes the following:

One treatment goal focused on increasing the number of different words Evelyn uses. The goal needs to be appropriate for a child of Evelyn’s age and language level, specify the word class, and 10 specific words within the class that you will target.
Review pages 153 through 158 in the text (start at the section titled Innate Biases Make Word Learning Efficient and read through the section titled Semantic Enrichment) with regards to setting up a rich lexicon. Provide a detailed plan for two hands-on intervention activities that you will use to teach your vocabulary targets. Include a listing of the materials that you will need for the activity. The activity and materials should be appropriate for Evelyn’s age and language ability.
Outline the developmental sequence and skills that you expect Evelyn to move through as she increases her expressive vocabulary and eventually begins to combine words into two-word phrases.

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