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Deviance plays a roll a huge roll in everyday life due to certain situations that may cause this type of behavior. There are things like social justice movements where deviance can be positive and have a lasting impact on people’s lives. However It’s important to note that some may not see protests or riots as positive actions but they definitely cause change to come which in my eyes is positive. These types of movements are very important and can cause an everlasting impact to certain individuals. https://eruditehomeworksolution.com/you-will-conduct-three-interviews-in-week-3-on-the-basis-of-the-interview-format/psychology-homework-help/ To me personally i don’t think social justice movements start out as deviant behavior because the reasons for this type of behavior are for the greater good and for the right reasons. I think because of why they are protesting it is so important and the changes they cause in society can be wonderful and bring such an impact.

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