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In your textbook, there are four different types of homicide offenders: domestic-violence homicide offenders, felony homicide offenders, accident homicide offenders, and altercation-precipitated homicide offenders. Based on your client’s case, which type, if any, describes your client’s homicide offender type? Elaborate on the homicide-offender type characteristics and the fact of the case that make you believe your client falls under that type.
If your client does not fall under any of the four types, elaborate on why you arrived at this conclusion.
Now focus on the six psychosocial (demographic) factors related to homicide discussed in the chapter. Which of these are relevant to your client? Why do you say so? Which of these are not relevant? Why do you say so? Be sure to elaborate and include details from your client’s life to support your assertions.
What does the research say about these psychosocial variables and homicide offenders? That is, what are some common themes that arise in the research about the life experiences of homicide offenders?

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