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This assignment has two (2) parts, please clearly indicate these parts as distinct sections in your report.

You can prepare for this assignment using the guidelines as set out by the Media Diary Worksheet, but the completed worksheet is not to be included in the report.

Digital Media Research Report (17 Marks)
Appendix A – Media Diary Entries (3 Marks) – 16 entries total across 4 days

You will be marked on the following components of your Digital Ethnography Research Report. Please include:

Introduction [100 words] – Provide an overview of what you did to collect data and summarize key findings.

Media Diary Results and Analysis [500 words]
Briefly outline your coding scheme and the units of analysis/sensitizing concepts found in your diary entries.
Discuss the results i.e. meaningful aspects of your everyday media practices as they emerged from Open-Coding and Focus-Coding. This will mean you identify and discuss themes that emerge from your coding.

Discussion [400-600 words] – Conduct a literature review of related media practices and integrate the concepts from your literature review with your media diary analysis. Include 3-4 peer-reviewed sources in your literature review. This would likely work well to be organized into 2-3 themes that emerged from your research. Have your sources and results in conversation with each other, so the sources help make sense of your results.

Conclusion [100 words] -Write a conclusion for your Digital Media Research Report. This should summarize your discoveries, address any limitations, and provide recommendations for future research.

Appendix A – Media Diary Entries

References List using APA7 citation style as well as correctly formatted in-text citations throughout your report.

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