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The student will prepare a PowerPoint (Audio) presentation wherein he or she will train the audience (professor and classmates). The presentation should be designed for first responders. The student will provide an overview of emergency management. The student will examine all phases of disaster management including: an overview of the emergency management discipline; key concepts, definitions, and perspectives; mitigation to include prevention; preparedness, planning, response, and recovery. The following subtopics will be included within the respective phase they best fit: human behavior, warnings, evacuation, sheltering, special needs populations, triage, damage assessment, disaster declarations, debris removal, media relations, crisis counseling, assistance as well as fiscal issue. Decision-making, unified command, incident command, EOC operations, along with coordination efforts will be examined. The roles of faith-based agencies as well as public-private partnerships will be discussed. The student will share what was learned from their Examining Disaster Management Paper Assignment. Finally, the student will apply biblical insight into the overall issue. The presentation must include at least 10 sources (which cannot include the class textbook and the Bible).

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